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Terms of Service


  • As a buyer of products and services, it is your obligation and responsibility to read the terms of service in their entirety. By reading, conceptualizing, and accepting such terms you are further bound by such terms and no exceptions will be afforded to you.

General Terms And Conditions

  • I am buying a virtual item and will not send an unauthorized transaction, dispute, claim or anything related. I have received my virtual item, therefore I am not eligible to retrieve my money sent upon purchase.
  • The seller will never ask for the buyer to open a dispute in PayPal.
  • The buyer agrees not to charge-back under any circumstances, which Includes: a. Unauthorized Transactions. b. Faulty Product or No products received..
  • In case "You received a faulty product, or no product" You will contact us via Sellpass Contact Query, always or Our Discord Server/Telegram, and we will send you Replacements or fix the issues. but all sales are final. & Hence no refunds will be asked.
  • We are not responsible of what you do with the product sold.
  • If we suspect some odd behavior with accounts, we reserve the right to make the warranty on hold, or limit the replacements offered per month.
  • You agree not to chargeback or create a dispute via paypal we do not provide refunds unless said so by us. We will only provide replacements for our products.
  • We reserve the right to update Our TOS without notice.

Expectations and Proper Conduct

  • Once the transaction is complete, the product(s) will be delivered to the stipulated email during the checkout process. Once received it is the buyers obligation and responsibility to use the account immediately and report any significant discrepancy via DM to Live Chat on site.
  • Replacements will be given as per the warranty note mentioned in the Product. So please read the product info carefully. Please use simple concise language and send photo documentation if possible.
  • You will only be compensated the deficient amount. It is imperative to take note the warranty exclusively pertains to the account of said product.
  • and said parties are not liable for the usage, stores acceptance or any other particular regarding the product.
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. does not exchange based on buyers remorse. Albeit there is a strict NO REFUND policy, there may be very rare instances pertaining to Acts of God that warrant such and will be at the sole discretion of
  • The feedback system on the shop is arbitrary and not used as a mechanism for support. and all parties associated do not utilize such system for support. If you fail to heed direction and leave negative feedback on such system than you void all warranty and shall be refused service going forward.
  • Any action or inaction where the buyer commits misrepresentation, deception, or ill intent against or any parties associated shall warrant an immediate void in all liability and responsibility. It shall also deem you ineligible to be a customer going forward here within. You shall be BANNED from any groups owned by, associated, affiliated with, any sister sites, or partners thereof and all parties associated of.
  • Banned buyers are irreversible. Be cognizant of your status and the terms of service before begin a transaction. No product or refund will be given if such act is committed. If a buyer chooses to circumvent the system with various emails and such devious acts, no refunds will be issued and IP and mac address blocks will be placed.
  • Any issues must be addressed through support in a respectful concise manner. The issue must pertain to products that are for sale on the shop that you personally purchased. No tutorials are given through support, buyers are responsible for obtaining the knowledge to use said products. Intelligent questions are acceptable pertaining to your personal purchase.


  • The goods and products from this proposed store are for educational and promotional use only. They impose reality and are not intended to be used as such. No illegal means are intended. and all parties associated rescind all liability regarding the buyers usage going forward.

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